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Camp Africa and Mboka Festival for Arts, Culture and Sports

Camp Africa and Mboka Festival for Arts, Culture and Sports

Since its founding, ITTOG has been involved in many Art and Cultural projects starting with the Camp Africa Initiative in 2010-2017: CAMP AFRICA is a project dedicated to fostering and introducing sustainable development activities and responsible tourism to students.  It does this by bringing local, regional and international youth together on an annual basis to encourage integration, cross-cultural dialogue through a multi-faceted program of sporting, arts and cultural, educational and community focused activities.

MBOKA is a Wollof word meaning: ONE FAMILY

Due to the political impasse of 2017, it was not possible to bring students to The Gambia. However, three organisations: Camp Africa, Global Hands and the UK based SABEL Publications came together to initiate the MBOKA Festival for Arts, Culture and Sports. The Festival celebrates Gambian cultural heritage alongside African diasporic cultural heritage.

The longer-term objectives are to build towards a positive and peaceful and fruitful future that local Gambian can benefit from and visitors can experience. The Mboka Festival was launched in the midst of The Gambia’s ‘new dawn’ in January 2017, and inspired by that, the New Dawn literary event brings Gambian and international artists to the Mboka One Family stage.